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of_age_crit's Journal

Volunteer Concrit for the KKM fanfic "Of Age"
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Links to all chapters and postings! (Link open to members only)

This is a closed community created for readers of the KKM fanfiction "Of Age" and the author, lenainverse, to have a constructive dialogue about improving the story. The story is no longer available to read online, so if you're not familiar with it, I suppose you'll have to wait until it's posted again, which will be when it is completed to avoid any long waits. ^_^

Membership is moderated, and will continue to be so. If you're interested in joining, please be sure to read through the one and only public post, which can be found here. If you want to be approved to join, please read through that post in full and comment.

Any problems the few members have can be posted here directly, or you can email Lena. Her email is listed on this post (link available only to members).

If you want to read Lena's other fanfiction, please see lenas_ill_fame, her writing LJ. Of Age will be reposted there upon completion.

Just for the record: Everyone who is a member here is the recipient of Lena's undying gratitude and can now request anything of her, up to and including her firstborn. ^_^ Thank you all, you've not only motivated me with this process but made the story better. Thanks to you, I feel that finishing it is within my grasp at long last. &hearts

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